What's the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver?

     A bad golfer goes,      WHACK!..............    DANG!
     A bad skydiver goes,  DANG!................    WHACK!

Accidents. They happen quickly, don't they? Blink your eyes, and a finger is cut, a toe is stubbed, a car is wrecked, or a life is permanently altered - or taken. If only I could do those 8 seconds over again... 

Nearly a year ago my college-age daughter - a beautiful person - dropped her iPhone on the tile bathroom floor. I was just getting ready for bed, when I heard the weeping and wailing. It was a new phone, and a case had been ordered, received the day before, and not installed. She didn't like the case, and was going to return it and get another. So when the phone hit the tile floor, there was no protection.

The phone still worked; a credit to Apple Engineers. But the glass was shattered, and the case was broken. Not usable. So the brand new iPhone was totaled, or so we thought. Disappointing? You bet!  Expensive to replace? A relative question. To my daughter who had then recently begun a nursing program, yes it was expensive. A few days later it was repaired - for less than the cost of a new phone. 
We found in this accident a teaching opportunity. We reminded our daughter thatthings can be replaced. People can't. Much worse accidents happen every day to good people, and sometimes good people lose loved ones because of those accidents. 
Apparently the lesson took.
Last week, the same daughter didn't check her oil before driving 6 hours to Southern Utah (Kanab) with friends; a last-minute trip that didn't give her much time to plan. Her oil ran dry (old Hyundai), and the engine seized up on the way home. For lack of a few dollars' worth of oil, her car is now worth less than the cost of a new engine. A total loss.
A proportionally significant "Bad Golfer" moment.
My daughter is now car-shopping for a replacement - a significant expense for this girl who is still in nursing school. But I am very pleased to say that, though there was regret, and even a few tears, I also heard her say, "I'm grateful that it wasn't worse; that it wasn't an accident that someone was hurt in".
She gets it. 
Three lessons for parents:
   1)  Always look for teaching moments.
   2)  Never waste a Bad Golfer moment. 
   3)  Don't even think of wasting a Bad Skydiver moment.